Libre Graphics Meeting Saarbrücken

Libre Graphics Meeting Saarbrücken

The Libre Graphics Community offers free alternatives to the commercial tools from Quark, Corel and Adobe. GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape, Blender and Krita can compete with the expensive solutions in terms of functionality. They run stable and are constantly expanded and further developed. The amazing thing is that the programmers work free of charge, everyone can participate, and the programs are published under free CreativeCommons licences. A sophisticated system of participation and publicly available source code ensures that continuous development works well. In some functions, it is even a pioneer compared to commercial competitors. A more recent example from the colour sector: Scribus now allows the import of colour lists in the form of spectral data, which means that these colours are no longer defined just for the print or the varnish world (2° D50 or 10° D65) but are universally valid.

This industry meets at the annual LibreGraphics Meeting, this time at the end of May in Saarbrücken. The lecture program was as colourful as the representatives between barefoot and in business attire. We (Jan-Peter Homann, Holger Everding) had been invited and presented the significance of free colour and our practical solutions in a half-hour lecture.

The audience was very interested in our topic and very well versed. The topic of colour is gaining importance in all software.

What we suggest

In the software world, we would like to encourage that

  • colour dialogues will be equipped with Lab and HLC
  • colour palettes will be made available for the CIELAB fan decks and the atlases
  • these colours also will be included as spot colours in addition to process colours (CMYK)

Calculated colours such as the HLC Atlas spot colours, which are available as exact color samples and can be formulated with our spectral data, are a real and better alternative. This is especially true because they are freely calculable in every respect.

In addition, we would like to make colour dialogues more practical and ergonomic. In addition to a user-friendly revision of the existing dialogues, one could imagine 3D colour selection windows or those similar to our HLC atlases in which gamut limits are also displayed. On the one hand this would be more intuitive than the usual lists, on the other hand one would quickly gain clarity about the implementation possibilities.

Here, too, the LibreGraphics community can play a pioneering role. We have been able to establish important contacts with the developers.

All in all: a groundbreaking and successful weekend in the sense of colour liberation; it remains exciting …

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