Adobe and Pantone

Adobe and Pantone

Adobe seems to see the future in the Pantone system, as a look at Adobe Color, the successor of the Kuler module, shows.

In Adobe Color, you can extract the most common colors from an image file and then save it as an ASE file for Adobe Creative Collection or as CSS for web design. A new feature is that the closest Pantone colors can also be displayed, and this palette can also be passed on as an ASE file.

Pantone colors have been included in Adobe color dialogs since the early days of Adobe products in the 1980s, and this is probably a major reason for the triumphal procession of the former one-man company Pantone Inc. Apparently the bond between the two companies is now being intensified. This can also be seen in the banner advertising that shows Pantone in Adobe Color:

A banner advertising in Adobe Color

There are many other colour systems, shouldn’t we at least show HKS, RAL and NCS as well? We can partly remedy this: hundreds of manufacturer systems are available as ase colour libraries for the Adobe Creative Collection in the Open Colour Systems Collection. Ase for the free colour HLC Colour Atlas and the CIELAB Lab+HLC trays can also be downloaded from the Download page.


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