Eric A. Soder, Jan-Peter Homann, Matthias Betz, Holger Everding

DIN SPEC shortly to be adopted

DIN SPEC shortly to be adopted In a last meeting at DIN another big hurdle was taken towards free colour communication: The last open points of DIN SPEC 16699 “Open Colour Communication” were discussed and approved. Now only the English version is missing as well as the final formatting and release by DIN. It is […]

Spectral data in Scribus

Spectral data in Scribus The free Scribus layout software remains at the forefront of colour. In the latest version 1.5.4 spectral color lists can be read in CxF format. Spectral data are probably the future of color definition – only they fully describe a color independent of light and observers. Lab color values, on the […]

paintexpo Karlsruhe

paintexpo Karlsruhe A visit on the fair paintexpo in Karlsruhe brought many interesting discussions with industry representatives. The idea of “free color” was generally welcomed.

DIN-Meeting Berlin

DIN-Meeting Berlin On April 13th we had an important date in Berlin. We presented a first rough preliminary draft of our DIN-SPEC 16699 “Open Colour Communication” at the DIN headquarters and discussed the contents and comments received. Important suggestions came from the DIN Technical Standards Committee for Paint – here we hope to initiate a […]

We are a member of DIN e.V.

We are member of DIN e.V. Every child knows the paper format “DIN A4”. The “DIN EN ISO 11664-4” (the former DIN 6174) describes the CIELAB colour space, an important part of our work. These are just two examples of thousands of standards that the German Institute for Standardization e.V. (DIN) and with which we […]

Now available: the freieFarbe HLC Colour Atlas

Now available: the freieFarbe HLC Colour Atlas After one year of development, we are going public with our currently largest in-house development: the HLC Colour Atlas. Our small team has proven to be a powerful force, capable of delivering good results. It endures discussions and knows how to turn them positively. In other words: it’s […]

Scribus Script “Colorchart” by Greg Pittman

Scribus Script “Colorchart” by Gregory Pittman Gregory Pittman has written a useful script for the free layout software Scribus. It generates documents with color fields from color value text tables. The application is very simple: start Scribus, select the script and then the Lab color value file (.clf). The program generates DINA4 pages with 49 […]

We create a DIN specification

FreieFarbe e.V. took part in the DIN Connect competition, and… we are among the winners! We have been awarded a research and development contract for the preparation of the DIN specification (DIN SPEC) “Open Colour Communication”. The project is planned for 1 year in several steps and is financially supported by DIN. What is a […]

General Assembly 2017-09-30

General Assembly 2017-09-30 The first annual general meeting took place in Berlin-Neukölln. Here are the most important results: the cash report 2016 shows a surplus of 580 EUR, which is of course used strictly in the sense of free color. current activities: Website, Public Relations, OCSC, HLC-Atlas. Peter Jäger and Holger Everding are confirmed as […]