Spot Matching System – Pantone Contender from Iceland

Spot Matching System – Pantone Contender from Iceland Spot Nordic, a company from Reykjavik, offers an interesting colour system: The “Spot Matching System” contains 470 regularly graded colour shades which are offered as colour samples of various production processes (e.g. proof printing, offset printing). The conversions are selected in such a way that the colour […] – “Google, but for Colors” – “Google, but for Colors” A new and interesting approach to search for colours is presented by This tool uses Google’s image search and relies on the terms associated with the images. The dominating colour tone is extracted from the picture and shown as a large swatch. Example: “sky” yields several (mostly) blue […]

Libre Graphics Meeting Saarbrücken

Libre Graphics Meeting Saarbrücken The Libre Graphics Community offers free alternatives to the commercial tools from Quark, Corel and Adobe. GIMP, Scribus, Inkscape, Blender and Krita can compete with the expensive solutions in terms of functionality. They run stable and are constantly expanded and further developed. The amazing thing is that the programmers work free […]