Create barrier-free color palettes

With the June update, Adobe adds an extension to its Adobe Color app to enable users to check and correct the accessibility of colours regarding colour blindness directly during color generation. Color vision loss, better known as color blindness, affects approximately 3 – 5% of the world’s population. There are three common types of colour blindness: protanopia, deuteranopia and […]

Financial Report 2019

Financial Report 2019 Our income of about 4000 EUR was mostly membership fees (3600 EUR). These are exceeded by 1220 EUR, which is no big problem, because a large part of the DIN Connect prize money from 2018 is still “slumbering” on the association’s account. At the end of 2019 the association had total assets […]

In own matters: Resignation of the 2nd chairman

In own matters: Resignation of the 2nd chairman Peter Jäger, the 2nd chairman and secretary, has also resigned from his position on the board. A big thank you goes to him for all his work, for all the many minutes, the accounting run, the exciting videos on the topic, many members he won over, and […]

viscom Düsseldorf

Viscom Düsseldorf We (P. Jäger and H. Everding) were at the Viscom trade fair for advertising technology, digital printing and textile finishing in Düsseldorf. Two meetings are to be positively emphasised: a large distributor of a well-known printer manufacturer may want to promote free color software development. A solution was discussed with a hardware calibrated […]

On our own behalf: Looking for a Treasurer

Looking for a Treasurer Jan-Peter Homann has resigned from his board and treasurer position. We thank Jan-Peter for the work he has done and that he has been leading in the development of the DIN SPEC 16699 and the HLC Colour Atlas. Provisionally the work of the treasurer will be temporarily taken over by the […]