DIN SPEC 16699 is officially released

DIN SPEC 16699 is officially released The 44 page PDF document is written in German and English and published by Beuth, the sole distributor of the German DIN standards. You can download it free of charge after registering on the web site. Click here to download DIN SPEC 16699. Who needs a DIN SPEC? Of […]

CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas XL

HLC Colour Atlas XL now available

HLC Colour Atlas XL now available Our premium product, the HLC Colour Atlas XL, can now be ordered for 399 EUR and downloaded free of charge. With 13283 systematically graded CIELAB colour tones, the large version of our HLC Atlas contains more than any manufacturer’s colour collection. The Proof GmbH is certified by the Fogra […]

Eric A. Soder, Jan-Peter Homann, Matthias Betz, Holger Everding

DIN SPEC shortly to be adopted

DIN SPEC shortly to be adopted In a last meeting at DIN another big hurdle was taken towards free colour communication: The last open points of DIN SPEC 16699 “Open Colour Communication” were discussed and approved. Now only the English version is missing as well as the final formatting and release by DIN. It is […]

We create a DIN specification

FreieFarbe e.V. took part in the DIN Connect competition, and … we are among the winners! We have been awarded a research and development contract for the preparation of the DIN specification (DIN SPEC) “Open Colour Communication”. The project is planned for 1 year in several steps and is financially supported by DIN. What is […]

New Colour Proofing Standard

In the graphic arts industry, the process specifications are currently being updated. After the standards for colour matching light, spectral measurement and printing (in particular PSO version 3 and/or ISO 12647-2:2013 for offset printing), the standard for colour proof verification has also changed. The new version, ISO 12647-7:2016 which is already in force, requires that […]

Mini-fF-Conference in Graubünden

Mini-fF-meeting in Graubünden Last weekend we met in Obersaxen in the Swiss mountains in order to discuss the strategies and plans of our club with a great view into the valley of the Vorderrhein (which is a small river here). Where does the path go?

ECS gleaning

ECS gleaning European Coatings Show in Nuremberg on April 4, 2017: Hundreds of exhibitors spread across seven halls, the largest area being the chemical and pigment industries. Strongly represented: China. No private visitors, but pure specialist publication. 55 Euro entrance – thanks to RAL for the free ticket. At the trade fair, important discussions were […]

Coloratlas by Archroma

Coloratlas by Archroma “The Color Atlas by Archroma represents a true labor of love, one born from a belief that we can capture as much of the color spectrum as possible for our customers. The idea is to offer you options you’ve never even dreamed of, and the ultimate goal is to deliver your final […]

ArgyllPRO ColorMeter – color measurement with Android smartphone

ArgyllPRO ColorMeter – Color measurement with Android Smartphone Argyll, an Australian software company, known for the Opensource Colormanagement ArgyllCMS, has developed a measurement and evaluation software for Android smartphones. The meter is connected to the smartphone via USB and can process its spectral or tristimulus values. Numerous color measuring devices are supported, e.g. The X-Rite […]

Open Colour Systems Collection 2.0

Open Colour Systems Collection 2.0 Bring hundreds of coloring systems to your software, to your website! The extended version 2 of the OCSC is available for free download. The color system collection includes over 360 color systems in the form of: Lab color values sRGB color values sbz files (Swatchbooker) ase files (Adobe Swatchbook Exchange) […]