Etat-Kalkulator Spezial “Befreite Farben” (Liberated Colours)

Etat-Kalkulator Spezial 2019

The Creativ-Collection Publishing Company from Freiburg is on the one hand well-known for its car and truck vector database, which is used in numerous specialized companies for the planning of lettering, as well as for many years also for the “Etat Kalkulator”, in which usual costs of advertising measures are broken down. The latest version, the Etat Kalkulator 2018/2019, contains the accompanying booklet “Gefreite Farben” (Liberated Colours), which contains 19 pages dedicated to our topic and our work. We contributed the text, and we find the graphic implementation by ccVision absolutely successful.

We would like to thank ccVision GmbH, especially Mr. Pommer, for the constructive and smooth cooperation as well as for the perfect result!

Here you can Etat Kalkulator Spezial 2018/19 free of charge (german version only).

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