Financial Report 2019

Financial Report 2019

Our income of about 4000 EUR was mostly membership fees (3600 EUR). These are exceeded by 1220 EUR, which is no big problem, because a large part of the DIN Connect prize money from 2018 is still “slumbering” on the association’s account. At the end of 2019 the association had total assets of about 10000 EUR, which has not changed until today (21.01.2020).

The largest expenditure items were 2019:

  • Travel and accommodation costs for various dates
  • Demo copies of the HLC Colour Atlas for internal use (meetings, press)
  • CIELAB colour fandecks for all new members
  • Annual General Meeting 09/19 Switzerland

A big thank you for unaccounted expenses goes to:

  • Matthias Betz (various travel costs and purchase/installation of the freeFarbe Drive)
  • Jan-Peter Homann (various travel expenses)
  • Peter Jäger (various travel expenses)

The following expenditure items are currently planned for 2020:

  • Travel costs: approx. 1000-2000 EUR
  • Annual general meeting: approx. EUR 600-1000

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(all figures in EUR; corrections are possible until the tax declaration 2019, but unlikely.)

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