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HLC Colour Atlas spectral data are now part of the matchmycolor cloud solution

HLC Colour Atlas spectral data are now part of the matchmycolor cloud solution

matchmycolor LLC and the association freieFarbe e.V. publish the spectral color libraries of the HLC Colour Atlas on the cloud system of matchmycolor. This makes free colour directly accessible to a larger professional user group.

Maxim Siniak, Business Development Manager at matchmycolor: “This is the first true cloud solution for open color standardisation, providing a comprehensive colour management solution from brand design to final product. matchmycolor Colibri® software combines design and production and enables the matching of ink or colour formulation to digital inkjet samples. We start in the printing, inks and coatings industry, where Colibri enables cross-industry colour management and quality control throughout the supply chain. And we expect the platform to be used across different production workflows”.

“Digital data colour management based on open standards for cross-industry data exchange has great potential, not only for digital printing but also for the paint, coatings, plastics and other industries where colour reproduction is crucial,” explains our association member and project coordinator Jan-Peter Homann.

The currently integrated solution uses spectral libraries of the freieFarbe HLC Colour Atlas and the freieFarbe HLC Colour Atlas XL. They are based on spectrophotometric measurements with subsequent optimisation to the respective Lab target values. Thus an accuracy of DeltaE00 < 0.1 is achieved for all colours. This provides users with a universal, easy-to-understand, universally calculable and licence-free solution for their cross-process colour management, for which true colour samples are also available in the printed atlases. A colour solution found can be easily adapted to any workflow using colour libraries from the printing, coating, inks, plastics or other industries and used to create master and dependent colour libraries for cross-industry colour communication and matching. For example, a reference created for a print and packaging application could easily be customised and applied to a plastic or coating application to ensure brand colour consistency across a variety of product, packaging, and collateral types. An important next step: we also plan to create spectral colour libraries for the spheric geometry commonly used in the textile industry.

Follow this link to the press release by matchmycolor.

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