CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas XL
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HLC Colour Atlas XL now available

HLC Colour Atlas XL now available

Our premium product, the HLC Colour Atlas XL, can now be downloaded as a PDF free of charge and the printed edition ordered for 399 EUR. With 13283 systematically graded CIELAB colour tones, the large version of our HLC Atlas contains more than any manufacturer’s colour collection. The HLC Colour Atlas XL is printed by Proof GmbH, a supplier certified by Fogra for the production of so-called “contract proofs” with top-notch colour accuracy. The average deviation of the colour tones of DeltaE≈0,5 is comparable with (partly even better than) that of the large systems manufactured in a lacquer printing process.

The products are distributed by Proof GmbH and (shortly) by several specialist dealers in the graphic arts sector (grafipress, CCVision, Torso-Verlag and others).

Here you can download the HLC Colour Atlas XL.

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