In own matters: Resignation of the 2nd chairman

In own matters:
Resignation of the 2nd chairman

Peter Jäger, the 2nd chairman and secretary, has also resigned from his position on the board. A big thank you goes to him for all his work, for all the many minutes, the accounting run, the exciting videos on the topic, many members he won over, and much more – not least for the balancing personal way in which he strengthened the inner cohesion.

After this loss, our club board now consists only of the 1st chairman (Holger Everding).

Regulations from the association law

  • A resignation from the board of directors cannot be revoked, because it is a “unilateral declaration of intent in need of reception with a formative effect”.
  • A vacant position on the board of directors may not be given by the remaining board to another member of the association, but may only be filled by the general meeting.
  • A resignation at the so-called “untimely moment” is not possible, i.e.: in order for the association to remain capable of acting, the last remaining capable executive committee cannot resign from its office.
  • In accordance with our Statutes §6(2) (right of sole representation), freieFarbe e.V. has the right to make decisions and act even if there is only one member of the board.
  • If necessary, it is not the board of directors but the general meeting that decides on the dissolution of the association.

See also here and here.

The plan

The next general meeting is scheduled to take place in Oldenburg until the end of 2020. Until then, the chairman will continue to manage the fate of the association. The projects will be continued and expanded in coordination with the participants. In order to prevent our members from dropping out in this phase, the membership fees for all members will be suspended until the annual general meeting. (The association still has assets of approx. 10000 EUR, which are sufficient for the current operation for the time being).

In autumn 2020 the general meeting will then decide where the further journey of freieFarbe e.V. will go.

Personal considerations

The fact that the association is now disintegrating into complacency or alternative projects of individuals should be prevented. Far too important is the goal of freer color for which this association exists. Far too big and important are also the projects already set up to let them disappear into oblivion. Of course, we will continue to work voluntarily on the topic of free color, and you can expect maximum transparency with regard to the activities, projects and expenditures (it is our members’ money).

It is hoped that the current process can be one of purification, from which the association will emerge stronger. Here I count on the strength of the members, whom I would like to contact all in the next weeks and months by letter/telephone/personally. Motto:

Join freieFarbe – it’s more important than ever!

Your Holger Everding

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