Annual General Meeting 2019

Annual General Meeting 2019

This year’s general meeting took place at the premises of swissQprint AG in Kriessern (Switzerland). And besides we also breathed some Swiss mountain air.

swissQprint Kriessern

swissQprint AG is a manufacturer of large format inkjet printing systems. The participants experienced an impressive tour and detailed demonstrations. swissQprint systems can print on any surface, in formats for which centimetre data is no longer sufficient. The systems are known worldwide for precision, quality and durability, and the company has experienced an impressive upward trend since its foundation 12 years ago.

At this point we would like to thank swissQprint AG, especially Guy Flüeli, who spent many hours for us and patiently answered our questions.

General meeting

The spirit of Swiss workmanship was exactly the right setting for our general meeting, which was attended by members of the board and members of the association, e.g. one representative each of the companies Colorgate and Matchmycolor and the senior partner of the magazine Publisher. The attendees agreed that free color is an important issue.

The chairman first reported on the current activities. At present these are mainly works around our HLC Colour Atlas (software versions, spectral data, integration into other software) as well as travels to trade fairs and lectures.

The treasurer reported about the financial situation. The annual budget is membership fees of about 3800 EUR. At the moment there are still about 40% of the 10000 EUR funding 2017/18 from DIN available for our work. The main items of expenditure are purchases within the framework of the DIN SPEC and HLC Colour Atlas as well as (above all) travel expenses to the various events. It is clear: in order to continue to cover the costs of our work, even if it is always done on a voluntary basis, we must also concentrate on recruiting additional members.

The current executive committee was unanimously re-elected for another year of office:

  • Jan-Peter Homann (treasurer)
  • Peter Jäger (2nd chairman and secretary)
  • Holger Everding (1st Chairman)

In the following we gave an outlook on plans and upcoming projects. These are further activities to integrate the HLC Colour Atlas into software products, a free colour app, a touring exhibition about colour and the need for free colour, just to name the most important points (see photos).

Downloads (in german)

Report on current and planned activities
Protocol of the Annual General Meeting 2019
Financial Report 2018

Accompanying programme in Stein St. Gallen

World-class high-tech and rural idyll in the mountains, both are Switzerland, and we were able to experience both. The village of Stein is half an hour’s drive away from Kriessern, in the mountains near the Säntis. Here the cowbells ring incessantly even at night, and the view, no matter in which direction you look, is magnificent. We enjoyed the accommodation in a lovingly renovated farmhouse and the next morning we went for a mini hike on the Stockberg.

Article picture: Matteo Baschera, Jan-Peter Homann, Matthias Betz, Holger Everding, Eric A. Soder, Martin Spaar, Peter Jäger, Dr. Michael Jacobi
Photos: Peter Jäger (gallery), Guy Flüeli (article picture)

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