General Meeting 29.09.2018

General Meeting 29.09.2018

Our second Annual General Meeting took place on 29 September 2018 in beautiful Tübingen. Here are the most important results:

  • The cash report shows a surplus of 1820 EUR at the end of 2017. The biggest expenses were advertising material, the external setup of the website, web-providing, as well as travel expenses to important meetings. Revenues in 2017 came exclusively from membership fees.
  • The current activities: Expansion of the website (D/E), public relations, HLC Colour Atlas (XL), completion of the DIN SPEC
  • Holger Everding (Chairman), Peter Jäger (Deputy Chairman) and Jan-Peter Homann (Treasurer) are confirmed in their functions for another year.
  • The membership fee system will be extended so that a partner membership for companies > 100 employees will now cost € 400 per year (previously: € 200).
  • Due to the support of DIN (DIN SPEC), we will have about 10,000 € available towards the end of the year for the work on colour liberation. These are to be used mainly for lecture activities, appointments with important partners and travel costs in the D/CH room – always at pure cost price and in honorary work. Also ideas for a software, which probably goes rather in the direction of Web-/Mobile-App than in the direction of Mac/Win-application, are “in the pipeline”.

Furthermore, the further procedure concerning the HLC Colour Atlas XL with 13283 colours (!) was planned, which was available in printed form for the conference, which will be presented on 10.10. in the context of the conference of the German Colour Science Society, and then officially offered at and other distribution partners.

Highlights of the cultural part were the funny “Stocherkahnfahrt” on the Neckar (= Venetian gondola ride in Swabian, a rather shaky affair) and the visit of the hyperrealism exhibition “Almost Alive” in the Kunsthalle. The winding old town of Tübingen full of colourful impressions and a wonderful late summer rounded off the successful weekend. Many thanks to Dorothee and Matthias Betz!

On the Neckar in Tübingen
Hyperrealistic sculpture from Almost Alive

The next Annual General Meeting will take place in the second half of 2019 either in Oldenburg or in Switzerland.

Minutes of the general meeting 2018 (in german)

On the Stocherkahn with Greta Betz, Claudia Fischer, Matteo Baschera, Eric A. Soder, Holger Everding, Beate Everding, Matthias Betz, Jan-Peter Homann, Dorothee Betz, Theo Betz

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