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proof GmbH · Matthias Betz

Matthias Betz and his team produce color accurate and legally binding prints for the graphic arts industry, designers, printers and photographers. These so called “Contract Proofs” are produced on certified papers and printers. With FOGRA certificate, media wedge and quality report they represent modern prints, on which everyone can rely in terms of colour. Even spot colors such as HKS and Pantone are reproduced correctly with few exceptions. Currently, more than 50 worldwide proof standards are produced on four different, certified proof papers. Proof GmbH has been Fogra certified for many years and is PDF/X-ready certified for the Proof Output of PDF/X-4 data.

The advantages:

  • same day shipping, if proof data is received till 4.00 p.m.
  • data check included
  • State-of-the-art 11-colour proofing system
  • Colour accurate and legally binding according to ISO 12647-7
  • Huge color space for Pantone + HKS Proofs
  • latest UGRA/Fogra media wedge CMYK V3.0
  • Fogra certified proofing papers only
  • International shipping, also by express delivery
  • New customers receive an A5 test proof free of charge

At Proof GmbG offers also numerous articles in english on colour and colour accuracy.