Allgemein – “Google, but for Colors” – “Google, but for Colors”

A new and interesting approach to search for colours is presented by This tool uses Google’s image search and relies on the terms associated with the images. The dominating colour tone is extracted from the picture and shown as a large swatch. Example: “sky” yields several (mostly) blue colours.

The hex value of each swatch is shown, and you can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on it. You can also pin it to a palette at the top of the page and even share this palette on social media or by means of a link saved to the clipboard. If you point your mouse to the picture icon, the underlying image is displayed in soft focus.

The procedure works fine for distinctly-coloured things such as “lemon”, “grass”, etc. or for colour names. However, unexpected results may also be shown; for instance, “infrared” yields a wide array of colours including red, orange, yellow, blue, and green. is suitable for a quick brainstorming. If one is looking for, say, a fitting corporate colour, the site provides good starting points. But you should take the suggestions with a pinch of salt.

The slogan “Google, but for Colours” may be a bit exaggerated and deceiving if you misinterpret it as a search across all commercial colour collections which it is not.


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