All years again: Price increases for RAL and Pantone

All years again: Price increases for RAL and Pantone

This time the increases are not quite as strong.

At RAL gGmbH the main revenue drivers from RAL CLASSIC were increased quite moderately: RAL-K7 from EUR 12.80 to EUR 13.00 (+1.6%) and RAL-K5 from EUR 35.00 to EUR 36.00 (+2.9%). The Atlas RAL-D4 was increased from 349 to 370 EUR (+6%) and the RAL-D2 colour fan from 125 to 127.50 EUR (+2%). Colour manufacturers have to dig deeper into their pockets: The RAL 840-HR half-matt register now costs 1750 instead of 1700 EUR and the price of the GL register has even been raised from 1700 EUR to 1900 EUR (+11%).

Pantone is making more substantial increases for the main products. The Formula Guide is now 150 EUR instead of 140 EUR (+7.1%) and the ColorBridge (with CMYK values of all colours) is 175 EUR instead of 160 EUR (+9.4%). The price increases for the other products are also in this range.

It becomes clear: if prices continue to rise, there will be more and more gaps in the market and it is time for sensible alternatives.

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