Spot Matching System – Pantone Contender from Iceland

Spot Matching System – Pantone Contender from Iceland

Spot Nordic, a company from Reykjavik, offers an interesting colour system: The “Spot Matching System” contains 470 regularly graded colour shades which are offered as colour samples of various production processes (e.g. proof printing, offset printing). The conversions are selected in such a way that the colour shade is as accurate as possible in each case. The idea is to achieve the best possible crossmediality of fixed colour tones (in contrast to this, the colour results are different for HKS K/N and Pantone C/U). As with our HLC colours, the Lab coordinates of the selected colour tones form the basis.

The print versions exist as colour fan, as poster and as PDF download. The prints are priced rather highly, e.g. the uncoated colour fan with the 470 SMS colours is offered for 299 EUR. This is nothing else than a screened four-colour print without spot colours – other comparable CMYK atlases and fan decks are sometimes offered for less than 50 EUR. A PDF file with 470 colour named samples in sRGB, on the other hand, is comparatively inexpensive at 29 EUR, and the basic SRGB target shown above is available free of charge.

For an annual fee of 420 EUR you can register as an SMS user and receive the above sRGB PDF chart free of charge, discounted prices for CMYK products and download access to further colour values and tables.

The website design could do with improving; it is not responsive and contains long text sections in which you first have to search for the (quite numerous) meaningful content.

Crossmedial colour is a reasonable approach – yet great success of SMS may be doubtful.

Manufacturer link to the Spot Matching System:
Spot Matching System in sRGB for web design, free version

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