Color database

Color database

On this page you can determine the most important color values for more than 300 color systems and calculate color comparisons of all kind.

Application notes

The form will soon be available in english language.

The window Farbwerte finden (find values) shows the sRGB, HEX and CIELAB color values of the deposited color systems. If your program allows the input of Lab color values these are to prefer. Otherwise you can use the CMYK values in print preparation, for other applications the sRGB or the HEX values.

In the window Farbtöne finden (find values), for a given color the best matching color from a selected collection will be determined. Both colors are displayed. A Delta E of under 1 has to be rated as a good accordance, a DeltaE of 5 is a clear difference. This depends on the color range in which the comparison is made: a DeltaE of 1 is more visible in pastel colors than in darker colors.

You can also compare two color systems directly, e.g. answer the question: which HKS matches a given Brillux? For this you choose in the upper window the Brillux color. The Lab values of this color are pre-selected in the bottom window. Choose in the bottom window the target color system and click on “Berechnen”.



The deposited color values result from a spectral photometric measurement of the original color sample (D65/10°). These color values are also deposited in the Open Colour Systems Collection. You can get the respective parameters with mouseover on the color value.

Despite best care and complex spectral measurement it is not excluded that in the color values or lists are errors. We are thankful for every hint – liability is excluded.

Because of licensing reasons we could not include some well known color systems in the database. The color values from missing systems can be found in the internet (e.g. Wikipedia or homepage of the manufacturers) – or in software products which contain the color system.

If you wish the admission of another system in the database please send us original color samples (fandeck).

Color manufacturers who do not agree to this kind of publication please contact us. We will take the respective system immediately from the database.