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CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas (XL)Druckversion des HLC Colour Atlas

Our own premium product: The CIELAB HLC Colour Atlas developed according to DIN 16699 is the new basis for all stages of professional colour communication – from design to the finished product – even to the exact colour formulation..

HLC Colour Atlas Standard version with 2040 colors: the CIELAB color space is run through on 36 pages in H/L/C-10 steps, the most important gamuts, sRGB/CMYK color values, spectral data, ase file
Version 2.03 from 15.05.2018 (5,7 MB)
HLC Colour Atlas XL Large version with 13283 colours: the CIELAB colour space is traversed on 72 pages in H/L/C-5 steps, the most important gamuts, sRGB/CMYK colour values, spectral data
Version 1.1 from 05.12.2018 (18,5 MB)

The components in detail:

  • PDF atlas: This corresponds in one layer to the printed version available as a ring binder, and it contains further layers with the gamuts for sRGB, ISOCoatedV2, FOGRA39, PSO Coated V3 (FOGRA 51), PSO Uncoated V3 (FOGRA52). With this you print the atlas itself, Lab color values are stored, the printing accuracy depends on your system. In the gamut levels, you can quickly check whether a color can be represented exactly in an output process.
  • PDF with sRGB and CMYK color values for all colors and software applications of all kinds. With Ctrl+F you can quickly search for color names.
  • ASE color library that can be loaded into Adobe software as the “HLC Colour Atlas” color library. Contains all atlas colours with their exact Lab colour values (only standard atlas version).
  • Measurement report of all colors (XLS). For each color swatch, the Lab color value and the target/actual deviation are specified in the ring binder version (see below). The spectral data of this measurement are also included.
  • Spectral data adapted to the exact HLC values for the determination of color formulations for all color tones of the printed atlas without deviation from the target (XLS, CXF, CGATS)

The ring binder versions produced in highly accurate proof printing can be ordered from proof GmbH, CCVision and grafipress. State-of-the-art systems produce all colours with an accuracy of DeltaE00<1 (Ø DeltaE00=0.5) – an inkjet printing accuracy that was unthinkable just a few years ago.


name description link
Colors! COLORS!: color selection with hundreds of factory color systems, HLC and Lab color input and “EasyMatching”. Unfortunately without the best-known systems, because these require a license. Windows
3D color space Shows any color system in the three-dimensional CIELAB color space. 30 color systems are included, and you can enter your own systems. Possibilities and gaps in the systems can be seen – also helpful for teaching purposes. Windows


Palettes Here you can retrieve about 300 color systems as color palettes for numerous applications (e.g. Brillux for Adobe CC, Caparol for CorelDraw,…). There are about 10000 color palettes for free. Login: FreieFarbe, 000000 Palettes-Website (german)

Practical tools

Architectural colors 2017 This practical workshop shows how to colorize facades as realistically as possible in Photoshop. It contains an explanatory pdf and an atn file with the sequence of commands as a macro. See here specialist article. Architecture colors 2017 (german)

Color range overview

RGB-Atlas A complete overview of the RGB color range, in A4, as a A0 print sheet and as a separate overview of the pastel tones. Print this file in your output situation and use the RGB color samples as a reference for your software. RGB Atlas (single pages).pdf
RGB Atlas (print sheets).pdf
RGB Atlas Pastels.pdf
CMYK-Atlas (10% steps) A complete overview of the CMYK color range, in A4, and as A0 print sheet. This is how to use a desired color in your software: Print the pdf file in your output situation (Postscript device and driver necessary), look for the most similar color sample, then take the CMYK color values mentioned in the atlas to use the color in your software. CMYK Atlas (single pages).pdf
CMYK Atlas (print sheets).pdf
CMY atlas (5% steps, up to 50%) A finer gradation by cyan, magenta, yellow up to 50% each, combined on one print sheet. Practical for matching pastel shades, or if the process is printing too dark (thanks to Christian Schmidt for the files) cmy-atlas.pdf
(CorelDraw X7)
Lab-Atlas A complete overview of the Lab color range in A4. This is how to use a desired color in your software: Print the pdf file in your output situation, look for the most similar color sample, zhen take the Lab color values mentioned in the atlas to use the color in your software. This file is also a good overview of the Lab color range, although the RGB/CMYK gamut or the actual limit of the CIELAB color range are not displayed. LAB Atlas (single pages).pdf

LAB Atlas (print sheets).pdf
CIE-HLC-CMYK-Gamut HLC are the better CIELAB coordinates, because hue, lightness and chroma (color tone, brightness and saturation) are intuitively understandable. The print file shows on 36 individual pages the colors which are available in the FOGRA39-CMYK gamut, in systematic HLC order – in total 1032 colors. andruck_lab.pdf

Open Colour Systems Collection (OCSC)

Over 370 color systems for use in graphic, design or CAD applications. The version 2.0 contains (depending on target software) RGB or Lab color values. In addition there are plain text files and photos of the fans – for free use and free distribution under a Creative Commons license.

Adobe Swatch Exchange ASE files for Adobe and Corel software
(SHA1 checksum: fea350149e2b95af55f36e283fe597f279d3f79c)
GIMP Palette GPL files for GIMP, Krita, Calligra Office, Inkscape and MyPaint
(SHA1 checksum: c0eefb3a74f658c9c201d5671b4af6a085650cbb)
SBZ SBZ files for Swatchbooker and Scribus 1.5x
(SHA1 checksum: 6b2bab7dde9e5fe9e8778ee9f79f31edcaa8cef8)
SOC SOC files for LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Apache OpenOffice
(SHA1 checksum: 318d8fbaf391b0ec39fa433e807e3ec658381376)
Scribus XML XML files for Scribus 1.4.x
(SHA1 checksum: da456792dc89445022ab4ae1af3f5ccedc722cd6)
CLF LAB color values ​​as plain text files (.clf)
(SHA1 checksum: e65fd94db7f0d6484df9ce0cf0288ecd328ec655)
OCSC 2.0 total package With the above palettes as well as color fan photos and infos, RGB color files, OCSC-Logo
(18,6 MB; SHA1 checksum: e65fd94db7f0d6484df9ce0cf0288ecd328ec655)
OCSC 2.0

Color conversion with Excel / VBA

LAB/RGB (Excel) Anyone who has been afraid of the CIELAB formulas is well served here: an Excel table with VBA macro for Lab / sRGB conversion. The table can be used to convert hundreds of color values with one click. The open macro source code is not based on the XYZ / Lab formulas, but on another idea, it is easy to understand and well documented. This allows even beginners to integrate Lab colors into their own programming projects. rgblab.xls
RGB/HSB (Excel) Table with formulas and macro for converting RGB values ​​into their much more intelligible polar coordinates HSB (Hue / Saturation / Brightness). Easy to program. With the formulas, hundreds of colors can be calculated with one click – practically e.g. to publish a list of custom colors in both versions. rgbhsb.xls
Lab/HLC (Excel) HLC are the Lab polar coordinates. Hue / Lightness / Chroma are far more intelligible than L, a, b. Since CIELAB is not restricted to gamuts, the calculation takes our perception into account, and no copyright hinders from free use, it is in our opinion the best color model. It has prevailed in a wide range of industries, but not yet with the normal user. With this table, you can quickly convert hundreds Lab colors into understandable HLC form and vice versa. labhlc.xls
Remission/Lab (Excel) Excel file with VBA macro for the determination of Lab color values ​​from the spectralphotometer measurements 400-700nm. Again, thousands of Lab values ​​can be determined by one click. The macro is well documented. remission2lab.xls


Tom Pažourek
Open Source VB.NET library for color conversion. It calculates all known color ranges, including sRGB, Lab, HLC. Also exotic such as Luv / LCHuv. Various color differences: DeltaE76 / 94/2000 / CMC. Can also be installed free of charge in commercial products. By Tom Pažourek, a developer from Brno / Czech Republic. Colourful
Pascal Getreuer
C/C ++ library that converts between sRGB, HSV, HSL, CIEXYZ, CIEL*a*b* (CIELAB), CIEL*ch (HLC) and many others. Can be built into a C/C ++ program or compiled as a MATLAB MEX function. BSD license. Colorspace
Greg Taylor
Python Colormath
Python library that converts colors between all major color schemes (RGB, Lab, HLC, etc.)
Values ​​are calculated. Also supports spectral data. BSD license.
Python Colormath

ICC Profiles

Here are the most important ICC profiles, which are used in practice.

sRGB Standard RGB by HP/Microsoft has become a general standard for the RGB representation on monitors and printers – although it has a smaller gamut than, for example, CIE-RGB. sRGB is preinstalled as the default color space in most operating systems. CMYK output is easily possible by means of a media-neutral PDF/X-4 print file. sRGB-Profile of ICC
European Colour Initiative (ECI) The profile “eciRGB v2” (recommended as working space for high-end photography and prepress) and other ICC profiles for various printing conditions can be found in the ECI download area. Useful additional information. ICC-Profiles of ECI
bvdm ProzessStandard Offsetdruck In its MediaStandard Print, the Federal Association for Printing and Media bvdm recommends the profiles “PSO Coated v3” (FOGRA51, For multi-coated, moderately lightened papers) and “PSO Uncoated v3” (FOGRA52, for uncoated, highly lightened papers, wood-free white). Ask your service provider whether they have already switched from PSO v2 (FOGRA39 etc.) to PSO v3 before you create your print data with the new profiles. PSO Coated v3 (ECI)
PSO Uncoated v3 (ECI) Comprehensive collection of ICC profiles for numerous application areas, based on Fogra characterization data (PSO v2, FOGRA39, etc.) and generated with software from basICColor (Karl Koch, Penzberg). In addition, the website provides test images for the Lab color space and for monitor calibration. basICColor-Profile
Profile packages from Adobe The color profiles supplied by Adobe in its products are also available as a separate download. The package includes “Adobe RGB (1998)” as well as the widely used ICC profile “Coated FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2:2004)” for sheetfed offset but which does not comply with the current standard ISO 12647-2:2013 characterized by FOGRA51). Adobe-Profiles for Windows
Adobe-Profiles for Mac

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