Videos about color

Here you will find many interesting YouTube videos about color.

Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

A penetrating journey through color theory, not a view of physical details, but the focus is on the miracle of our perception and the question of whether or not my red corresponds to your green. Michael Stevens (VSauce)

Visualizing the XYZ Color Space

Who can really imagine the connections between the CIE shoe sole, the basic colors of our perception XYZ and the spectral colors? With this video you can use it. The film shows the color theory in an easily comprehensible 3D form. The fact that a xenon projector performs best in this case does not compromise the factual quality.
Advertising video to a Xenon digital projector Jeremy Selan, George Joblove, Jon Levy

Colour differences between RGB and CMYK

RGB and CMYK – the meanings and essential differences.

CMYK animiert

Funny animated ink drops illustrate the CMYK color mixing – but attention: not quite youth-free! The music also supports the laughing muscles. SRH MediaDesigner Holger Scheid, Mareike Schirner, Sven Lambing, Florian Kurz

Sessions – Color Theory: Using the Color Wheel

What are complementary colors and primary colors? How can a n-fold color harmony of counter-colors or similar colors be found in the color circle?

The Color Deception

Color theory with creepy factor: “Color is a symbol of goodness in the world of evil”. Since someone has probably consumed too many horror videos. Be’s: This video explains the additive and subtractive color mixing. In addition, an example for color perception is shown.
Jason Letkiewicz, Laura Roginski

Flash Colour Wheel

Here, the theory of primary, secondary and tertiary colors is presented in a successful form by means of a color circle.

Photoshop for Painters – Traian Boldea

The Romanian makes an instructive round-the-clock through color models, theories, Wikipedia … finally the possibilities in Photoshop (CS3). Exact, thorough, impressive!

Color Wheel 3

Here comes theatrical feast: How beautiful, when light cones complement each other additively.

Colour Theory

What is yellow and red? And what happens when you mix blue with yellow? Blobs, snips, finger colors – color is pure fun!

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Room

Not easy: What color fits in my room? Are they more cold or warm? Maybe you have the answer after this video.

NCS – Natural Color System

The NCS color system – explained in a clear way, first in principle and then using the example DuluxDimensions.

NCS – Natural Colour System

NCS presents itself – in Dutch. It is shown how the color names (“Yellow-R80B”) come about.