Free color on the internet

Free color is obviously a worldwide need. This is an infinitely exciting, lively, creative theme that has not only fascinated us for many years.

Websites on the topic

International Lighting Commission(CIE)

This commission has been developing the theory of CIELAB color space since the 1930s. Information about the different CIE color models and the publications.

International Color Consortium

Combination of all well-known manufacturers in the graphic arts industry to define a uniform standard for color profiles (ICC standard). Among other things, you will find the current ICC standard specification for download.


German Research Institute for the Graphic Arts and co-initiator of the ICC standard. Among other things, you will find ICC profiles for standardized offset printing according to FOGRA / BVD.

European Color Initiative

Mostly German merger of colormanagement users. Focus on medienneutrale image databases and colormanagement in the area of ​​rotogravure.

Color Group

An interdisciplinary society that draws together those concerned with different aspects of colour – its measurement, reproduction and perception

Colour & Vision Research Laboratory, University College London

Andrew Stockman and his crew provide the most important functions for illuminant and normal observers in 10nm and 5nm steps online, both in logarithmic and linear scaling, as numbers or as a plot. In addition to this, various other material is also available. A real treasure trove if you want to program colour theory from scratch.


Forum, where everyone can publish articles on color. Numerous areas of color, from DIY to color theory are treated in a short form. Practice-oriented topics are at the forefront. Unfortunately somewhat dated.


The on-line magazine of the company Brillux for color in science and practice with introductions to color systems, theory, research, practice and effect.

Paint Quality Institute

Tips and tricks for the successful handling of color. The right choice of color, solutions for color prompts, decorate with color, how to paint correctly and much more. An offer from Rohm + Haas Company (USA).

VirtualColor Museum – Urs Baumann

The virtual color museum on the book “Paint Systems in Art and Science”. The information ranges from the cultural history of the colors to the virtually accessible color space (Java). Definitely worth seeing.

Metacolor.de – Birgit Hallenberger and Hartmut Rudolf

Tutorial on color theory. Brigitte Hallenberger (communication manager) and Hartmut Rudolf (web designer) provide a detailed demo of color theory, which also contains practical approaches (for example how do I design my website?)

Farbmetrik – Ludwig Gall

The family of the deceased RAL DESIGN system (still heavily modified) deceased before 2009 still maintains its website. The long-time head of colorimetry at BASF was one of the best experts on color and CIELAB. The website provides many explanations on colorimetry and formulation as well as CIELAB-based calculation tables for practical questions.

colormanagement.de – Jan-Peter Homann

A treasure trove on the subject of color: a list of references, many links, download high-quality ICC profiles and an overview of the service providers in the field of colormanagement.

kuepperscolor – Harald Küppers

In his numerous publications Harald Küppers represents the model of the Rhomboeder color space he developed. He also finds clear words about Itten, CIELab and others. Worth reading!

polygrafix.ch – Eric A. Soder

The designer’s and digital imaging specialist’s website offers some in-depth information on colour management with an emphasis on monitor calibration and colour rendition in web browsers.

Farbmusik – Hans Peter Kruesi

“Hanspeter Kruesi’s FARBMUSIK concerts thrill both the lovers of classical as well as the popular musical genres.” The website offers just as calm and fitting compositions to individual color areas. Worth listening!

Colourmonics Studio – Ulrich Hoegg

Is there a connection between musical harmonies and color harmonies? In the 1950s, Lili Eberhard developed literature and practical color selectors for this question. A “C-DUR on a light red basis”. Urich Hoegg, who manages the heritage today, has developed a software solution.

Color theory – Eckhard Bendin

The designer and lecturer publishes his own materials (for example, the “color box”) and supervises the collection of color theory at the University of Dresden. His color theory is in the tradition of Wilhelm Ostwald.

Farbthemen – Andreas Schwarz

The art historian from Essen offers e.g. An overview of the history of the color models, from the one-dimensional color beam at Aristotle to the three-dimensional CIELAB model. In addition, also memorable as a review of color determination methods in humans.

Color theory and color design – Ingrid Crueger

Everything about color theory and color design, including color harmony, effect of colors and guidelines for the optimal use of colors.

Synchromy – The sound of the colors – Jürgen Opitz

“Synchromy is the name of my large project, which seeks the analogy to classical music in order to make coloring and light effects perplexed by color and light effects in similarly condensed and planned formations and rhythmic form depths.

color Art – Martin Minde

Martin Minde is a freelance artist and color composer. He represents an approach “in which specific phenomena take on a concrete form in color-formal schemes, which is pictorially shaped for the entire potential of possible colored variants. In their fullness, they can only be seen mentally, no more in fact.” His composition “unifies in the concrete image, which opens our mind to the full potential of our visual nature – on the way to ourselves.” “Cosmic form depth” instead of random colors – see for yourself! Minde also shows the design of a uniformly uniform color model.

Colorbration – CTYeung

Flash-programmed online calculation from the emission curve to the RGB color value. The light type, observer angle and emission curve of the color sample can be entered freely.

Color Calculator – Bruce Lindbloom

The best known source for CIE / CIELab color space formulas (“Math”) and calculations (“Color Calculator”). Bruce Lindbloom also offers a 3D view of the CIELab body, various test pictures and test files on color theory.

Javascript library with CIELAB colors – D3js.org

This free javascript library supports CIELAB and CIE-HLC (HCL). This allows you to directly use CIELAB colors in a website, the conversion from or to RGB is done by itself. Also interesting: Gregor Aisch: How To Avoid Equidistant HSV Colors and the d3.js- Anleitung: L*a*b* and HCL color spaces


A website that provides numerous calculations on color based on RGB / Hex, entirely in the sense of our free-color principle: “it can be frustrating for individuals working with logos or brand guidelines colorized in other popular methods like RGB or CMYK to have to convert. Fortunately, Hex Color Deck is a new resource that aims to make hex codes as easy to find and implement as possible.” At the beginning of 2015, the first version appeared with color values ​​and color transition calculations, the page is continuously expanded (color circles, harmony calculations, etc.)